New Alresford Speeding Limits & Road Reparis


Following a question at the recent Town Meeting regarding the condition of Nursery Road the matter has been raised with the County Council who has agreed to add it to the Operation Resilience programme for re-surfacing. We will continue to press them for a date for the work to be undertaken.


The police carried out a road traffic operation on the 17th November in Alresford with the following results:-Between 10.10 and 12.00, 4 vehicles were stopped outside the Police/Fire Station for not wearing their seatbelts whilst driving.

Several other drivers were spotted either not wearing their seatbelt or using their mobile phone whilst driving which the police were unable to stop.

Between 15.10 and 16.00, 4 vehicles were stopped on Jacklyns Lane for speeding offences. The average speed was 39mph.

All drivers were reported for the offences and will be dealt with by the Central Ticket Office who will decide whether they receive Driver Awareness courses or fines and points, this wili he dependent upon their driving history.

20 mph Zones

Following the introduction of 20 mph zones in central Winchester, a number of residents have raised the question of 20 mph zones in New Alresford. Yes, we can support requests to the highways authority but ask residents who think their road should be made a 20 mph area (or suggest an area in the town) to email or write to the Town Council to let them know their views. NATC will then make these views known to see if and how we can introduce any changes to speed limits.