The Soke and Broad Street Works

Lights on The Soke

The lights installed in The Soke and Broad Street are not those that were agreed between the Town Council and County Council. We have raised this matter with HCC and have requested that the lights be replaced with those that were agreed in January 2014. This lamp projects all the light downwards and not upwards and outwards.

Traffic at The Soke

Despite numerous approaches to Hampshire County Council (HCC) over the last 12 months they appear to have done nothing to address the traffic problems at The Soke. The Traffic Management Report promised for February, when the traffic light proposal was rejected, has still not appeared and despite re-assurances there is little evidence to suggest it will be forthcoming in the immediate future. Some suggestions have been made by the Town Council in an attempt to mitigate the nuisance to residents and damage to property, in the short term, which is almost entirely created by the volume of heavy goods vehicles going to and from Alresford Salads at The Nythe on the Bighton Road.

In the short term we are asking for a response to the suggestions below with regard to dates, viability and the likely success:

  • The installationof a bollard outside No 2 The Soke to protect that building and the Bridge.
  • Hi-Vis signage to be installed on the bridge that will maximise visibility.
  • Height/width/length detectors to be installed to prevent large vehicles co-occupying the restricted part of the highway.
  • The immediate production of the Traffic Management Report now seven months overdue.

In addition hopefully with the support of our District Councillors, Winchester City Council will be requested to investigate and take action on all alleged breaches of planning consent regarding hours of deliveries, volume of traffic, and business classification. They will also be asked why Alresford Salads pays agricultural rather than commercial rates for what is in reality an import/export business.

Finally we will request the Environment Agency to check and give us assurance that the river and Alresford Pond are not being polluted by Alresford Salads business.